Find the Hidden Picture


The heat and humidity on the US East Coast have been pretty fierce the past week, with just a passing shower or two. I decided to give the trees and bushes a drink of water toward evening. After a few moments, this guy came up for a drink. I had been weeding under that bush an hour or so earlier and never saw him. Ain’t the water cool, Mr Mantis!


Retro camera apps

I was just checking out some of the “best apps” for Android tablets and a couple of them were these retro camera apps. How cool?! Well, no … how dumb and gimmicky! I come from a time when that retro look was about the best an average camera could produce. Some of us have boxes of photos with cracks, white borders, sepia fading, etc.

Seems to me that that the retro look apps are trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. I keep hearing about how great the camera of this or that phone is, yet if you have to mask the infinite depth of field of these phone cameras with some gimmicky crap, seriously, how good is it? Seems to me the magic of these apps is that they make the owner think their photos are worth looking at, when in truth, they most likely belong at the bottom of a shoe box, along with the old photos that looked no better because they couldn’t help it.

Buy a real camera. Take real photos. There is world of difference from your iCrap photos.