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Ebooks for free (Android/Nook)

Disclaimer: There are lots of ways to get free books that aren’t strictly legal or ethical. I’m not going to discuss those methods here. I figure, if you can afford to buy an ebook reader or tablet, you can afford to pay for books that are within copyright. And if you can’t afford them, you …

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5 Handy Tablet Tips

Here are 5 handy tips for tablet users. Hate screen smudges and fingerprints? Me too. To clean the screen easily and without a separate cloth, use the side of your hand¬†(under your pinkie finger) as a squeegee. Drag it across the screen horizontally in rows (like mowing a lawn), then turn the¬†screen to the other …

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Retro camera apps

I was just checking out some of the “best apps” for Android tablets and a couple of them were these retro camera apps. How cool?! Well, no … how dumb and gimmicky! I come from a time when that retro look was about the best an average camera could produce. Some of us have boxes …

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