Apple’s latest delusional statements

It’s obvious that Apple thinks that a large portion of the world is not very bright. But do they think that EVERYONE is an idiot?

I almost choked when I saw today that they are claiming that they were forced to collude with the book manufacturers in order to be able to compete with big bad Amazon. Seriously? Seriously? Apple is over 7x the market cap of Amazon. If they wanted to compete, all they had to do was LOWER their book prices like Amazon did. Only Apple could construe collusion to keep prices artificially high as fostering competition.

And what good did their collusion do for anyone who doesn’t choose to get sucked into their inbred ecosystem? Um, none. I have a Nook. Their entry into the bookselling game did me no good. All their price-fixing agreement with book publishers did was inflate the prices of books that EVERYONE buys, including me, people with Sony readers, Kobo readers, Kindles, and anything other than an Apple product.

They’re so full of crapple. They’ve been treated with kid gloves for too long. Its time that they learn to live by the rules that everyone else lives by. Want to sell more product? Lower your prices. Stop breaking the law and looking for some kind of sanction on it.

I wonder if their lawyers show up in court wearing black knit shirts, grinning and nodding as they peddle their crapspeak bs to the court.


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