Blue, blue, my blog is blue

I bet that, now that I have pointed it out to you, you can see that my blog is blue.

I bet also that few of you want to know why.

But on the internets, we’re all clueless at reading social clues, so I’ll tell ya why my blog is blue.

I’m sick of the vast pages of white desolation that the big Goog has made into “THE look.” Now, reading my email, my calendar, my contacts list, and my RSS reader are like being in a blizzard in white-out conditions. I must suppress the urge to kill a tonton and burrow in its entrails as I peruse my Gmail.

Honestly, did they fly these austere designs past any focus groups with retinas from … oh, say, pre-1990? Just wonderin’.

Until they gave us back a few high contrast options, I honestly couldn’t tell read stories from unread ones in my news feed.

Still, all fads (and, alas, all things) pass, and I count the days until this one does too. And I awaken to an online world where colored is cool.


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